Graduation Information

Admission Requirements


When planning for post secondary education it is imperative that students and parents understand that graduation from secondary school does not guarantee entry into an institution of advanced training or education. 

 Each Post-secondary institution has different admission requirements.  When considering admission requirements, students must consider 1) General admisison requirements and 2) Faculty or program requirements. 

 Post-secondary institutions require you to complete specific courses and obtain a minimum grade point average for each program.  Careful planning in Grades 10, 11 and 12 will ensure you have all the courses and credits you need to attend a post-secondary institution.

 Information on current college and university entrance requirements can be obtained from a number of sources.  While the counselling department has most college and university calendars, which outline entrance requirements, the most current and accurate information can be obtained on-line from each institute’s website.

  It is reccommended that students and parents consult with institutions and academic advisiors for clarification and confirmation. The following links are provided as a starting point for admission information.

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