Graduation Information

Internal Scholarships

Windsor is very fortunate to have a variety of organizations donate scholarships, awards, and bursaries to the school each year. 

All grade 12 students will fill out a Windsor Secondary Scholarship Application Package during our meeting November 29th at 8:30 am in the Dukes Den. Everyone will have an opportunity to fill out the application.  Scholarship recipients are considered on the base of academic standing, volunteer service, and extra curricular involvement, financial need (for bursaries),  but also passion or commitment to the Arts, career pathways and training (even without having high marks!)   You MUST have submitted a Scholarship Resume to your counsellor by Friday Dec 8th to be eligible for these awards!


Some of the internal scholarships include:

  • Canadian Federation University Women's Award
  • Capilano Achievement Award (Capilano University)
  • District of North Vancouver Centennial Foundation Award
  • Dogwood District & Authority Awards
  • Deep Cove Heritage Society
  • Deep Cove Lions Club
  • Deep Cove Stage Society Scholarship
  • Kiwanis Club of North Vancouver Scholarship
  • Les Arduini Memorial Music Scholarship
  • NVHSEF Scholarships (Career Training awards/bursaries)
  • NVTA Teacher Education Scholarship
  • Parkgate Community Legacy Fund Bursary
  • Rotary Club of North Vancouver
  • Strongman Memorial Scholarship
  • Windsor History Book Award
  • Windsor International Student Scholarship
  • Windsor Work Experience Scholarship
  • WMBA Choral Legacy Scholarship
  • WMBA Scholarship
  • Windsor Parent's Award for Excellence