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    Post-Secondary Institution Selections Form
Please review the following link regarding Student Transcripts.

The Post Secondary Institution (PSI) Selections Form is an online form students must complete in order for their transcript information to be sent to a number of post-secondary institutions (PSI) of their choice.  Students must use the the Student Secure Web to complete the form.   Students access this online form by logging into the BC Ministry of Education's Student Secure Web (SSW) site:

 - log in using your Provincial Education number and the password you created.  If you cannot access your account, and it has been more than a year since you logged in, you must recreate your account "Create Account".  If it has been less than a year, use the "Forgotten your password?" link.  An email will be sent to you.  If you are still stuck, please see your counsellor.

- click on "Post Secondary Institutions Selections".

- click on "Select PSI's"

Section 1: for PSI's that accept electronic transcripts from the Ministry

- click on "Yes" to authorize your marks to be sent electronically to :  1) BC PSI's (the list is there if you click on "display list...", as well as 2) OUAC schools, if you have applied in Ontario.  Please note that McGill is in Quebec!

Section 2:  for PSI's in BC that do NOT accept electronic transcripts from the Ministry

- find your PSI's on the left side, click on ADD so that they show up on the right side.

Section 3: for PSI's OUTSIDE of BC

- choose up to 6 PSI's on the left side, click on ADD so that they show up on the right side.

- Confirm by checking the box, then click on "Confirm"

-You can see your confirmed selections, and print it off if you wish.


*This electronic PSI selections form is only to be submitted by students who expect to graduate this year and are applying to a PSI. 


Click here to see detailed instructions and screen shots of the PSI Form.